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Beauty & Braaaaaaaains

chessie undead

2 August 1986
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against me!, alvin schwartz, axes, b horror movies, baby firefly, bats, being creepy, being spooky, bill moseley, blood, books, cabin fever, camp blood, camp crystal lake, camping, candyman, cemeteries, coffee, coffins, conspiracy theories, contagious diseases, costumes, craig manning, creepy things, dawn of the dead, dead alive, dead things, degrassi, devils rejects, doom and gloom, downtown sasquatch, dracula, eating brains, eli roth, falling leaves, fangoria, fear street, folklore, freddy kruger, friday the 13th, full moon, gargoyles, ghost stories, ghosts, ghouls, ginger snaps, go away ron, goosebumps, gore, graves, graveyards, haddonfield, halloween, happy birthday to me, hatchet, haunted hay rides, haunted places, history, hocus pocus, horror, horror movies, hostel ii, house of 1000 corpses, inside, jake epstein, jason voorhees, jawbreaker, josh loewen, knives, leatherface, lycanthropy, may, medical anomalies, michael myers, midnight movies, monsters, movies, my bloody valentine, mysteries, neopets, nightmare on elm street, nightmares, october 31st, old school nick, otis, otis driftwood, pans labyrinth, pet semetary, piercings, pin up girls, pokemon, poltergeist, raising the dead, rob zombie, robert englund, sailor jerry tattoos, salem witch trials, satan, scary movies, scary stories, scary things, scream, serial killers, severance, shark attacks, shaun of the dead, sheri moon zombie, shoes, skeletons, slasher movies, sleepaway camp, sleepy hollow, slumber party massacre, spellbooks, super nintendo, tales from the crypt, tattoos, teen witch, teen wolf, terror, texas chainsaw massacre, the beatles, the boogeyman, the descent, the living dead, the macabre, the omen, the supernatural, the unexplained, tom savini, tombstones, unsolved mysteries, vampires, video games, werewolves, witches, zombies